ID Laser Fiber Móvel

ID Laser Fiber Móvel

ID Laser Fiber Móvel

We offer the most complete line of fiber optic laser engraving machines on the market to meet the wide range of applications allowed by this technology. We offer our machines in solutions for integration into lines or conveyors, use on benches, on mobile carts or recording stations. All equipped with the latest laser technology that allows permanent engraving on metal and polymer materials.

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Laser Type Fiber Optic Mopa or Qswitch
Available powers 20W; 30W; 50W; 70W; 100W



What are the differences between fiber optic laser engraver models?

The differences are only structural, to facilitate the suitability of the client application, namely:

ID Laser Fiber OEM: widely used to integrate with production lines, conveyor belts or hard to reach places.

ID Laser Fiber: benchtop machine, flexible and complete for engraving products with varied formats.

ID Laser Fiber Mobile: often used for engraving where the part is heavy and cannot be moved to the work table, so the head is mobile.

Mira Fiber: is a self-supporting engraving station, normally used in work cells inside factories and to accommodate parts with larger geometry.

What are the main advantages or benefits of Automatisa's fiber laser engraving machines?

The advantages of investing in our products are many, but we call your attention to some important points:  

  • We offer lasers suitable for your application: Qswitch or MOPA;
  • These are long-lasting lasers (from 50 to 100 thousand hours) and high energy levels (from 0.6 mJ to 1mJ);< /span>
  • Our equipment is virtually maintenance free;
  • We use high-performance optical components, which makes recordings of much higher quality;
  • All products are manufactured in accordance with NR12 safety standards, with protection including anti-radiation;
  • In addition to not having consumables for the operation, our machines have very low energy consumption;
  • Our equipment offers the most oxidation-resistant stainless steel engraving on the market;
  • And allow color engraving on stainless steel (when equipped with EP laser);
  • Equipment is manufactured in Brazil with access to numerous subsidized credit lines.
Can fiber optic laser machines be operated without guarding?

No. The fiber optic laser has a wavelength absorbed by our body’s tissues (skin, eyes, etc). So, if there is operation without protection, there may be significant burns that get worse over the years. Therefore, all our machines are sold with anti-radiation protection, which guarantees the safety of those who are operating it, as well as other people who may be in the laser machine’s workroom.

What lines of financing can I use to buy the equipment?

Because it is manufactured in Brazil, you can buy it in installments of up to 10 years, with a grace period of up to 2 years through lines subsidized by the government such as: Proger, BNDES Finame, BNDES Card. But it is also possible to acquire by leasing-type financing; financing for cash flow and working capital. These lines can finance most or all of your equipment. Our team of experts will inform you of each available alternative.