FLW Fiber

FLW Fiber

FLW Fiber

Welding is performed using a high energy density laser beam as heat source, which locally heats the material in a small area, melting the material to form a specific molten puddle and achieve the welding effect.

Laser welding is mainly used for welding thick materials.

thin, precision parts, etc.

The types of welding to be carried out can be spot, seam welding, seal welding, overlap welding, etc.

The heat output is small, the solder bead is beautiful, and the solder quality is good.

very high, dispensing with secondary grinding treatments.

In recent years, laser welding has been widely used for welding stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, copper, aluminum and other products.

The portable laser welding machine uses a portable rotating welding head, which is flexible and simple to operate, no professional welders are needed.

Suitable for small or large production batches.

Widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchen cabinets, handrails for stairs, escalators, elevators, display shelves, doors and windows, signage parts, stainless steel products and many other industries.

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Laser Type Optical fiber 1080nm ±10
Available powers 1000W; 1500W; 2000W; 3000W
Wave-length 1080nm ± 10
Fiber length 8m
Welding wire thickness Single wire: φ0.8mm / φ1.0mm / φ1.2mm / φ1.6mm
Galvo speed ≤8000mm/s
Soldering speed 0-120mm/s
Refrigeration unit Chiller
Room temperature 15-35℃
Ambient humidity < 70%
mains voltage 220V±10% 60Hz
Approximate total power 1000W-6KW 1500W-7KW 2000W-8KW 3000W-9KW
Machine size and weight 1000mm*500mm*750mm | 140 kg 3000W different size
  • 01 Laser machine
  • 01 Cooling Chiller
  • 05 Protection windows
  • 01 Solder Nozzle
  • 01 Nozzle for wire welding
  • 01 Wire Feeder
  • 01 Goggles
  • Autosa Standard Guarantee.


Can receive:

  • Flexible kit for adding trimming and cleaning function
  • Copper Cutting Nozzles
  • Copper nozzles for wired or wireless soldering
  • Additional Lenses
  • Extra protection windows