About Us

About Us

The embryo of Automatisa was born from the experience of its founders, among them the mechanical engineer and laser specialist in Germany, Marcos Lichtblau, at an international fair in the United States in 1996. At that event, they saw a new product that associated LASER cutting and engraving on industrial embroidery machines. At that time, products like this did not exist in Brazil and were not economically viable. The provocation led them to create a new concept of equipment, functional and economical for the Latin American market. A LASER machine with computerized vision features, absolutely innovative since that time, maintained until today.

It was a paradigm shift that took a technology – previously impossible for most national companies – and allowed the industrial production of various products made manually until that moment.

It was the first LASER cutting equipment developed, manufactured and sold on Latin American soil!

From 1998 until the end of the 2000s, the founders perfected the product, transforming it into a line product and founded Automatisa in 2001.

In this trajectory, the CELTA incubator, managed by the CERTI Foundation, was an undisputed partner, promoting access to the main companies in Santa Catarina, and also in Brazil, which little by little acquired dozens of units of equipment developed by Automatisa.

Automatisa was one of the first startups to be installed at Incubadora Celta, where it remained for 8 years, graduating in 2009.

As of 2001, the evolution of Automatisa’s portfolio was growing, constant and always based on aspects of innovation. This made companies from several countries in South America, Central America and Europe acquire the products in its portfolio and in 2003 the company became an exporter of laser technology. Today, the company is managed by founder Marcos Lichblau and CEO Joana de Jesus. Automatisa’s products are already available in 10 countries in addition to the 24 states of Brazilian territory.

Participation in fairs and events has always been part of the company’s commercial and marketing strategy, with highlights to events in Germany, Italy, Spain and Colombia. In Brazil, it participates in events such as Expomafe, Feimec, Mercopar, Futureprint, Febratex and other events in the segments where it operates.

The company’s innovative spirit made Automatisa recognized in the technology segment, winning awards such as the FINEP Innovation Award in 2007, reaching second place in the small company category, and the National Innovative Entrepreneurship Award, granted by ANPROTEC and recognized by SEBRAE, where he won first place nationally.

The relationship built by Automatisa within the Brazilian innovation ecosystem is transversal, involving entities such as ACATE, ABIMAQ, Fundação CERTI, in addition to important educational institutions such as SENAI, IFSC, UFSC, UFJF, UFRGS and UFBA.

With the advent of the pandemic, in 2020, Automatisa actively positioned itself in the market, using its expertise to develop a mask manufacturing machine, contributing to thousands of people having access to quality protection, such as surgical masks and PFF2 / KN95. For this development, it was selected among hundreds of Brazilian companies for the PPE and EPC Development Project against Covid 19, concluding the proposed challenge with praise.

Today, Automatisa’s portfolio includes laser cutting, engraving and micro-machining machines for the metalworking, signage, coding and identification, graphics and textile segments. In addition, it has a portfolio of surgical mask manufacturing machines and oscillating knife cutting machines.

The company’s evolution has always been based on having the customer at the center of its decisions and, therefore, it has developed its own technical support methods that guarantee end-to-end service quality in the relationship with the customer, in addition to marketing products through technical consultancies that guarantee the correct purchase of the machines that will generate more value for the investor.

Over these almost 22 years, Automatisa is proud of the more than 870 conquered customers who acquired more than 1200 machines in Brazil and in another 10 countries. The company’s success was and will always be based on the success of its customers!