Vista 0906

Vista 0906

Vista 0906

Prisma and Vistas laser cutting equipment with artificial vision were developed to provide the market with intelligent solutions for cutting embroidery, woven or sublimated labels. The artificial vision system is an exclusive development, patented by Automatisa and is the only one that delivers cuts with micrometric precision in this application.

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Laser Type CO₂
Available powers 60W or 100W glass laser 30W, 60W or 100W metal laser
Workspace With view: 300 x 550 mm or 500 x 500 mm
  • Machine;
  • Operation software in Portuguese;
  • Artificial vision system;
  • Automatic feeder for roll materials;
  • Exhaust hood;
  • Chiller (when needed);
  • Japanese servomotors;
  • Pneumatic system with coalescing filter;
  • Protection according to the NR12 standard;
  • Installation and training service;
  • Autosa Standard Guarantee.


Can receive:

  • Roll material rewinders

Automated Artificial Vision System


This artificial intelligence system offers image capture capabilities, processing and generation of cutting paths automatically and with micrometric precision. It is able to perfectly read the image of a printed, embroidered or fabric product, generate its internal and external contours or even fit a cut file automatically.

Its precision makes it possible to cut very delicate products, and even differentiate a sewing thread in relation to the fabric. It is the only solution on the market that allows localized cutting while allowing better use of space and raw material, avoiding cutting errors and loss of parts, in addition to other advantages in this cutting technique.



Qual a diferença do Sistema de Visão Artificial e a Câmera?

The Artificial Vision System is composed of linear image capture sensors that see 1:1 the image as it is, generating the internal or external contour with micrometric precision. Cameras, on the other hand, do not collect the 1:1 image and rely heavily on the position and height of the media to provide some kind of accuracy. Some just fit a pre-ready design on the part and therefore can cause a cutting error when the media is irregular. Others, despite generating the cut contour, as they capture the image inaccurately, also offer cuts with position errors, being much inferior to Automatisa’s Vision solution.

What lines of financing can I use to buy the equipment?

Because it is manufactured in Brazil, you can buy it in installments of up to 10 years, with up to a 2-year grace period through government-subsidized lines such as: Proger, BNDES Finame, BNDES Card. But it is also possible to acquire by leasing-type financing; financing for cash flow and working capital. These lines can finance most or all of your equipment. Our team of experts will inform you of every available alternative.