Mira CO₂

Mira CO₂

Mira CO₂

CO₂ laser engravers are highly accurate and versatile machines that use a CO₂ laser beam to engrave, cut (thin materials) and mark a variety of materials including wood, leather, adhesives, acrylic, glass and more.

Each model of Automatisa’s line of engravers was designed to facilitate use in some special applications, such as the Mira CO₂ which is a recording station for large format materials such as jeans and leather, in addition to other materials.

CO₂ laser engraving station ideal for engraving jeans and cutting and engraving leather, among other materials.

CO₂ laser engraving station ideal for engraving jeans and cutting and engraving leather, among other materials.

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Laser Type CO₂
Available powers 30W; 60W; 100W; 250/300W; 450/600W

2 axles: 300 x 300 mm; 400 x 400 mm; 600 x 600 mm

3 axes: from 350 x 350 mm to 800 x 800 mm

  • Machine;
  • Operation software in Portuguese;
  • Integrated computer;
  • Motorized Z axis;
  • Fume extractor;
  • Self-supporting structure;
  • Threaded table for supporting parts;
  • Installation and training service;
  • Autosa Standard Guarantee.


Can receive:

  • Quick change tables;
  • Part Rotators;
  • System Integration Services.



Is it possible to cut materials with PVC on the Mira CO₂?

Not recommended, although possible. The laser cutting of materials with PVC, especially the element Chlorine, results in a hydrochloric gas, which, in addition to being toxic for the operator, causes all the metal parts of the equipment to corrode.

If your application requires cutting PVC, you must take extra care, such as using protective masks with adequate filters for operating the equipment, increasing the exhaustion of gases produced and cleaning with very frequently. Still, the corrosion process will remain. It is also important to know that electronic boards and other devices can suffer damage that are not covered by warranty policies.

What lines of financing can I use to buy the equipment?

Because it is manufactured in Brazil, you can buy it in installments of up to 10 years, with up to a 2-year grace period through government-subsidized lines such as: Proger, BNDES Finame, BNDES Card. But it is also possible to acquire by leasing-type financing; financing for cash flow and working capital. These lines can finance most or all of your equipment. Our team of experts will inform you of every available alternative.